Saturday, October 4, 2014

Will Boston Steal David Robertson?

The New York Yankees have made it a habit lately of taking players from the Boston Red Sox and putting them on the team to win a championship or five. Just while I have been alive and watching I can remember the Wade Boggs’, Johnny Damon’s, and Jacoby Ellsbury’s of the world just to name a few. Is it finally time for the Yankees to get their “payback” and will the Boston Red Sox sign David Robertson out from under the team? I hope not, but I do worry.

The Red Sox have a ton of money to spend this offseason and will look to re-tool and rebuild this winter. One place that Boston can afford to upgrade is definitely in their bullpen, especially if the team decides to not re-sign closer Koji Uehara. I can definitely see the Red Sox swooping in and upgrading their bullpen by a lot while severing the Yankees at the same time not only to compete in 2015 and beyond, but just because.

I have been on record as saying that the Yankees need to bring back Robertson no matter what in 2015. Even if the team decided to hand the closers role over to Dellin Betances next season Robertson is just too hard to replace. I am still unsure why you would want to replace the man that saved 39 games this season, blowing five opportunities, for New York anyway.

Robertson is a homegrown player, a good person on and off the field (Follow him on twitter by following @DRob30), and excellent on the field as a player. Sign him up before Boston makes us regret it. 

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