Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alex Rodriguez and a Challenge

Monday my friend and fellow writer Jack Niemuth reported that Alex Rodriguez paid his cousin Yuri Sucrat (I know it’s Sucart but when you have to be paid by your flesh and blood not to tell on you and then you do it anyway, you’re a rat) $900,000 to keep is steroid use quiet. It’s just another day in the New York Yankees offseason before the 2015 season and another story concerning Alex Rodriguez.

I have a challenge for all you sports writers, bloggers, beat writers, etc. I fully understand and appreciate the fact that it’s your job to report on what’s going on. I can also relate to the fact that sometimes you put a misleading headline or harp on certain things to garner views and such. I get it, I do, but when Bryan Van Dusen and myself started this blog we wanted to do things a little different than most. We didn’t want to recycle the same garbage and the same posts and the same stats like everyone else because why would they come read us when they could read that on River Avenue Blues, Lohud,, etc. Plus we want to do things our way because we are fans, we’re not paid and we don’t expect to ever get paid out of this venture we do it because we love to do it.

On to the challenge…. Can we go one day, I’m not asking a lot for just one day, without bashing A Rod? Can we go one day without dedicating this offseason to A Rod? Can we go one day without mentioning A Rod? Please? See what you can do and get back to me. Thanks. 

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