Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Yankee Fans! Or Is It?

Another off-season, following another disastrous year for the Yankees. What's next for Yankee Universe? Is there any hope of returning to those glory days, now fading away? Or at least some semblance of a team that George Steinbrenner would have put on the field?

Per media reports, the Boston Red Sox have signed both Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. (Note: the Yankees can cross another potential Derek Jeter replacement off the list).  With that being said, Brian Cashman is now on the clock.

So far, the Yankees’ strategy has been to make an offer and play a waiting game. It worked for Chris Young, but it will not work for Chase Headley or Brandon McCarthy. We want to believe the Yankees’ will make their usual off-season splash, but will that be enough? No.

While signing Max Scherzer and/or Jon Lester would be “splash” worthy, the Yankees’ have a ton of holes they need to fix. Most notably, finding Derek Jeter’s replacement.  (Here’s A-Rod!) I’m kidding, or not.  

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