Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yankees sign LHP Jose De Paula

When I first read this I thought the team was getting Rafael De Paula back from the San Diego Padres after acquiring Chase Headley. Boy was I disappointed when I realized it was Jose De Paula and not Rafael that the New York Yankees signed today.

De Paula was signed to a major league contract today as he enters his age 26 season. De Paula has no big league experience and has spent his minor league career in the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants organization. De Paula has been a left handed starter in his career and shows no signs of needing to be moved to the bullpen anytime soon.

This is not uncommon for the Yankees to make these kind of signings early, think David Herndon the last season or two, and cut them later if they aren't working out. This is not a look at the future it is merely getting a legit shot at a player before everyone else does.

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