Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Cervelli Traded to Pittsburgh for Justin Wilson

Francisco Cervelli has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for relief pitcher and left handed throwing Justin Wilson. Wilson is a hard throwing lefty that touched the mid 90's with his four seam fastball, two seam fastball, and can touch the 90's with his cutter. Wilson's biggest problem is his control as he has struggled with that for much of the 2014 season before falling out of Clint Hurdle's circle of trust.

Wilson has just two years of service time meaning the Yankees have at least four seasons of team control for the lefty. The Boone Logan comparisons started as soon as the trade went down and I can't say I wouldn't mind having another Logan in the pen. Wilson can face lefties and righties and actually gets righties out a little more often then he does lefties.

The Yankees had to trade a catcher this offseason as Austin Romine is out of options, Gary Sanchez is sniffing Triple-A, and John Ryan Murphy is Major League ready. Cervelli will presumably get the opportunity to catch every day in Pittsburgh replacing Russell Martin, Murphy will get the back up job unless Romine simply steals it, and Wilson will likely fight for a bullpen spot in spring training.


  1. The goods probably outweigh the bads here, but still, I'm upset Cervelli's gone. I liked him a lot

  2. down. ( a favorite of mine )
    Next, package Gardner for the shortstop. Cubs ?
    Next, sign Thomas.

    Nice sign, Mr. Cashman.

  3. I truly liked Cisco as I do Brett, two guys with limited talent, and with hard work and never giving up, they are an inspiration to those on the farm waiting for their chance. Both of them became very good players...not stars, but good players.
    Cisco was going to be gone anyway you look at it, he has had too many concussions!

  4. I was just hoping they would get a little more in return. I'm also wondering why they're stockpiling lefthanded relievers when we already have a viable options. Lindgren, Banuelos, and Huff seem capable to me.

  5. I was a big fan of Cervelli and Jeff, I also hoped/thought the team would get more back in return. What was the rush from Cashman? Probably should have waited for Russell Martin to sign somewhere before trading him in my opinion.

    You do have to keep in mind his injury history, his PED history, and the fact that he is/was a backup catcher. Cashman must have really liked Wilson.

  6. patrick,

    Why not hold on to Gardner, eat Beltran's salary, and sign Thomas? That makes the team better in my opinion.

    1. Your opinion is very sound, if I left the impression I would trade Brett...I am sorry to have done so!
      There is very little chance I would trade him, unless it were one of those ungodly trades where we get a ton of talent in return.


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