Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dale Scott is Gay and I Don’t Care

Major League Baseball is still waiting for its first player to admit that they are gay but they have their first umpire to come out openly and his name is Dale Scott. Scott has been a major league umpire for the past 29 years and did an interview with Referee Magazine which showcased a picture of him and his longtime partner and now same-sex domestic partner. Scott married his husband Michael Rausch last November, has him on his insurance policy and has him his own MLB identification.

My question is, and I guess this could quickly turn into a rant, is who the hell cares? Not that I have a problem with him coming out, announcing it and being proud of it because I don’t. I do have a problem with the fact that we as a society have to label everything. Everything has to be “outed” and we have to be separated and segregated even though we’re all people. Me personally I couldn’t care less if you’re black, Hispanic, white, Asian, or purple but maybe it’s just me.

Scott is gay, so what? Let’s not forget the fact that he has been a crew chief for 12 seasons, worked three World Series, worked the National League Division Series and is generally thought of as a great guy and a great umpire around the league. The world needs to stop labeling one another, that’s the only way we are all going to be truly equal. /rant

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