Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Robertson Just Using Astros For Leverage, People Familiar With Team Claim

It's been known for weeks the Astros have been talking to Free Agent closer David Robertson, but now it appears Robertson wasn't really listening to them.

Instead, it seems, Robertson was just using them for leverage against the Yankees, who have stated numerous times this offseason they're not interested in giving him the four-year deal he wants. The Astros were first said to have contacted Robertson back on November 22, and have been pursuing him ever since.

Houston may have even gone as far as to offer Roberton a three-year/$39 million deal earlier this week, something an anomyous team reportedly did Sunday.

“They think he is using the [Astros] for leverage,’’ a person familiar with the Astros told The New York Post's George King Tuesday, in a potential confirming of the rumor.
And that person wasn't the only one to say so.
Indeed, it's not looking great right now for those who are hoping to see Robertson head to Space City this winter. The Astros are currently attempting to stock up on relievers after recording baseball's highest bullpen ERA in 2014, so being out on Robertson this soon certainly can't help them.
“It sure sounds like it was for leverage,’’ another source said. “He doesn’t fit with the Astros."
In recent days, the Yankees have been openly trying to acquire former Orioles set-up man Andrew Miller, who is said to be asking for much less than Robertson. If Robertson walks and Miller winds up in pinstripes, it's likely the latter will keep pitching eighth innings while Dellin Betances throws ninths, giving the Yankees a solid back end.
Then again, if Robertson's strategy here doesn't make the Yankees budge, it's a safe bet he'll end up just lowering his price tag, a happening that'd probably bring New York back into the picture, anyway.


  1. MELKY CABRERA : LF 2015 Yankees ?
    .............................Melky has grown up, and matured since his previous Yankees stint.
    And, he is a fine all around player. Better than Gardner. And he is sitting there.

    My thought...sign Cabrera, an up-grade. And then make a direct call to the Cubs. Offer up a sweet
    package of Gardner, a catcher, and a young arm / bat....for Sterling Castro. At least listen to what
    the Cubs response is.
    Imagine adding Cabrera & Castro. So many things will fall into place.
    You guys are smart, go ahead and make out the line-up !

    1. Castro adds a lot to the lineup and Melky adds some power making him possibly the best #3 hitter on the team.

    ..................................on milk cartons, or beer cans ? How idiotic, how immature.
    If I was looking for a facial of me, linked to a ..." Have you seen this guy ?" blurb.
    I would first check saloons, that do not allow renegade priests in at happy hour.

    1. Hence the beer cans that would presumably show up in the saloons...

  3. DAVID ROBERTSON :....where his journey ends is not yet clear. He may have played himself
    out of the Yankee game plan. Most likely.
    Miller is who they should want.
    With monies saved....why not Soriano ?....Miller, Betances, Soriano...whatever the order.

    1. Why not D Rob and Miller time? Shut the game down after 5 IP and take pressure off the Yankees offense.

      ................................I suppose you valid points on your last two remarks to me.
      Beer cans, and darkened saloons are a fit. Especially saloons that have women
      that can be enamoured, when charmed by Irish lotharios.

      As for baseball, and Robinson......I think if Miller signs with the team, the Yankees
      move forward, and don't look back.

    3. Patrick, I would not disagree but, with D-Rob, LongJohn and Miller as your 7th, 8th and 9th inning guys it is twofold.
      One, IF we are ahead...the chances of winning are much better.
      Two, IF we are behind we have a chance of a comeback without giving up runs in the meantime...hopefully!
      When facing, "The Beasts of the East" as we must do, to many would help to have three interchangeable pitchers would it not?

    4. Add Lindgren to that mix and Justin Wilson and our starting pitchers may go four or five innings a start...

    5. That is the best scenario right?
      I still am in favor of a six man rotation it would be better with someone like Lester.

    6. Absolutely the best case scenario. Bullpen takes a night off when Tanaka and Pineda pitches.


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