Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Thoughts on the Winter Meetings

Just a few random thoughts on Day One of the Winter Meetings as I think out loud a little bit.

  • The Chicago White Sox are in on David Robertson and that worries me. The team has right around $68 million in committed money in 2015 and have the revenue to go well above that. Not to mention the team looks ready to add veteran pieces to their young core to aid in the rebuilding. I fear Chicago more than I do the Houston Astros or the Detroit Tigers.

  • Earlier in the offseason I mentioned bringing Jason Hammel in as either a 5th starter candidate or a backup plan to Brandon McCarthy if he didn’t sign. Hammel signed a two year deal worth a $9 million AAV with the Chicago Cubs after the club traded him to Oakland this July. Maybe he asked for a no trade clause this time around.

  • Why in the world does San Diego want to acquire an outfielder so bad and why does it have to be Matt Kemp? I understand the “addition by subtraction” from the Dodgers but does he really help? Are the Padres that close to winning that they would reach for an injury plagued player with five years and in excess of $100 million left on the books?

  • Speaking of the Padres the team has also floated a Ian Kennedy for Yoenis Cespedes trade with the Boston Red Sox and Ben Cherington is at least considering it. The Sox think they can get a better pitcher than Kennedy for Cespedes, and I agree with that line of thinking, but the deal does make some sense for both teams. It’s the classic my strong suite and depth for yours kind of trade.

  • The New York Yankees did not sign anyone significant today, fire Brian Cashman. That is all. 


  1. Obviously this was written before the White Sox signed Robertson so my worries were confirmed unfortunately

  2. I couldn't disagree with you more on Robertson. The Houdini act wore thin after many years. His .308 BA against is not closer material. He throws way to many pitches and is constantly in 0-2 or 1-2 counts and gives up walks. Gives up the gopher bal way too much and his win loss record is evident that he can't close things out. Did he do a decent job last year...yes. Not a great job as everyone is claiming. Am I comparing him to Mo, absolutely not as that ship has sailed and there will never be another Mo. I would give Sorianio a one year deal as we know he can close in NY. I would rather have the pick and have Miller and Betances and I am sure Cashman will get another closer just for piece of mind.

    I know your comment about Cashman being fired was tongue in cheek, however I don't think he should've been brought back anyway but hey thats another story. I do think Cashman needs to start flexing some muscles and get us SP and for that I am concerned

  3. I wouldn't be against a one year deal for Rafael Soriano either Ken. I wasn't talking up Robertson to be the messiah but I do believe the bullpen, even with the minor league depth or a free agent signing, is much worse without him.

  4. I think Robertson is a good guy, I just don't like the Houdini act every game and now the White Sox will see it first hand. He's a good closer not a great closer. Just remember that Cashman didn't want to sign Soriano and Levine went and did it anyway and Sori saved our ass the year Mo got injured so its funny that Levine knows more than Cashman

    1. We may see another season of Soriano saving our ass since D Rob jumped ship.


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