Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keith Law Talks Yankees Farm System

Keith Law had a lot to say about the New York Yankees farm system and their players but unfortunately it is all insider material. I personally do not have the subscription to be an insider, and I apologize for that, so I will try and do my best to recap what went down today.

First and foremost Law posted his Top 100 Prospects list and two members of the Yankees made the list in Aaron Judge and Greg Bird. Law is apparently very high on Judge as he was ranked #23 while Bird clocked in at the #80 slot. I am pretty surprised at least Luis Severino did not make the list and it makes me question Law's knowledge of the Yankees farm, especially when he ranked the farm.

Here is what Law had to say about these two Yankees prospects:


“He showed outstanding plate discipline and ability to make contact in his first full year in pro ball while giving glimpses of the huge raw power you’d expect from someone of his build…
… He’s an above-average defender in right, faster than you’d expect, with the arm to profile there and the potential to post strong triple-slash numbers if he can make that one big adjustment.”


“Bird’s swing is very short to the ball, and he accelerates his hands quickly for hard contact to all fields, rarely putting the ball on the ground because he squares it up so frequently. He’s a high-IQ hitter with outstanding plate discipline and understanding of how to work a pitcher, giving reason to think he’ll continue to post high OBPs even though he’ll probably hit only .250-260 with a lot of strikeouts.”

Remember Kylie McDaniel ranked the Yankees farm the 10th best in the league but Law had a much different opinion ranking the farm in the #20 slot.


  1. Didn't I say the Yankees had one of the top 10 farm systems?
    I had my feelings hurt when a fan called me out on it, saying they were on (or near) the bottom.

    As for Keith Law, he has never taken the time to see most of those guys play, if he had, he would know more than he said. He is going by the scouting reports and that is ok but, one has to see the player play more than one day.

    1. That you did. Honestly McDaniel is the only one that has the team that high, and his knowledge may be confused as bias since he is a former Yankees scout, but I think the team is far better than Law's 20th prediction.

      Law hates Severino. To leave him off the list all together because he thinks he projects to be a reliever is atrocious. Leaving Sanchez off is a bit surprising as well and having Bird ranked in the 80's makes that list a joke. I may be bias but I am not completely blinded by being a fan, and I'm not stupid. Law on the other hand...

    2. To be honest, I did read somewhere that the Farm System had moved up into the top 10 but, I can't remember if it was from someone like McDaniel, a bit bias or not. So, if it is only one of many that say the Yankees are among the top 10, I must say I was wrong! As with my opinions, one guy is not a majority (unless you are a liberal).
      Although, I must say, "I am almost, always right"...I do like that word "Almost"! LOL

      I have found, by reading a few (so called) experts over the years, most of them have always underestimated our farm system and the players thereof! From Mattingly to Severino, it seems as though they think it is the 1980's again and King George is still running things.

    3. our farm system is constantly underrated. Whether it be other GM's asking for a trade or whether it be these lists from these guys that haven't seen an inning of Severino's pitching or a single one of Greg Bird's at bats unless it was in an All Star Game or on MLB Network.

  2. I'm with you on the underrated thing. You can read 10 different lists and get 10 rankings. OJ Mayo just released his list and Judge didn't even make the honorable mention. Yet fangraphs (a pretty respectable sabermetric site) had him tied for 11th in overall war for the minor leagues.

    1. Judge not even mentioned is more of a disgrace then Keith Law's rankings...


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