Thursday, January 22, 2015

MLB.Com's Top 10 RHP Prospects Includes a Yankee

OJ Mayo has released his Top 10 right handed pitching prospects in all of Major League Baseball and a member of the New York Yankees made the list. Luis Severino came in at the #7 slot after a strong 2014 season that ended all the way in Trenton with the Thunder. See below for the excerpt about Severino and click the link HERE to read the entire FREE list. 

7. Luis Severino, Yankees: A newcomer to this list, Severino wasn't on the Top 100 at all a year ago. But after his initial breakout in 2013, he pitched across three full-season levels in 2014, finishing the year in Double-A. The Futures Gamer isn't the biggest guy in the world, but he has a quick arm that fires upper-90s fastballs deep into starts. His changeup is his best secondary pitch and his slider is improving. His ability to throw strikes and keep the ball down in the zone should help him remain in a rotation.

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