Thursday, January 22, 2015

Size of A-Rod's salary reason Yankees aren't in on James Shields

Want someone to blame for the Yankees' lack of interest in James Shields? Blame Alex Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez's large 2015 salary is the reason the Yankees have opted to stay away from emptying their wallet for the prized right-hander this offseason, according to GM Brian Cashman. Cashman, talking to WPAT-AM radio Wednesday, said the Yankees don't want their payroll to go up anymore after Rodriguez's return to the roster, a strategy just not consistent with signing a veteran like Shields. 

"We in fact had some contracts coming back on with Alex Rodriguez returning from his suspension," Cashman said. "That was $21 million dollars coming back on the payroll. We'll still have about the second-highest payroll and I don't see it going any higher."

Shields has reportedly been asking for around $110 million this winter, though that price could soon go up now that Max Scherzer's off the market. Shields was actually said to have been offered that amount by an unnamed team earlier this month, but turned it down. 

Still, it's unlikely the Yankees would've been willing to give him anything close to that number anyway, especially since they've already stuck true to their past statements regarding Scherzer. 

"Typically, when we're aggressive in the winter with a lot of big-time contracts it's when big contracts are coming off [the payroll]," Cashman said. "This winter wasn't that case."

It certainly wasn't, at least after one takes a quick look at the Yankees' current budget. First baseman Mark Teixeira, outfielder Carlos Beltran and starting pitcher CC Sabathia all still have two years left on their respective deals, and $155 million ace Masahiro Tanaka was just inked for seven last January.

Indeed, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Yankees have been relatively cheap these last few months, only making a few longterm acquisitions since the season ended.

“We’ve talked a lot about whether we’d be shopping in the high-end district this winter and, outside of Andrew Miller’s signing, we’ve kind of stayed away from that stuff,” Cashman said. 


  1. James ' Big Game ' Shields.....the Yankees almost always run him off the mound.
    No room in the inn, for you ' Big Game.'...Not this year.

    I think the fans want to see improvement, from with-in.
    The fans can handle a bunch of young talent, being auditioned this season.
    The fans are not dumb. They will give the team one year. Not a four year plan.
    The fans know contracts (Alex), and all that other stuff re: old high priced talent.
    The fans are smart, and will take this year as a .....maybe. But who knows ?

    Big James, and someone offered you 110MM ?... Take it, are you nuts ? Or, did you make that up ?
    I think the Yankees will push BIG money at Moncada, and get him.
    Why ?....Because when they want to, its done.

    When they can get him, look for a mid season showcase for 2016. It will be fun.
    The fans are waiting for this.
    The fans are not waiting for...'Big Game ' Shields.

    ***** Nice piece of work...Jackson.

  2. Well said little p. I'm glad the Yankees have no interest in Shields. He's an innings eater. That's it. Not bad, but not good. Plus the "Big Game James" stemmed from one game to get the Rays into the playoffs for the first time ever. Every other playoff game he has s#!t the bed. Overpriced even at $10 million aware. Thank you Cashman for staying away.

  3. Damn I hate spell check! That was supposed to be a year, not aware. I have fat fingers guys. Sorry!

  4. I have an article scheduled for tomorrow that I won't spoil too much but if we could get Shields on "our terms" I think the team has to. Sure he's just an innings eater but name one innings eater we have on the staff right now. We lost one though, his name was Hiroki Kuroda.

  5. Well, Cashman didn't want him on the team in the beginning...someone has to be the reason for, not signing a player! A-Rod is always the reason for everything wrong with the Yankees...why not!
    A very easy target, don't you think? With his name in the heading, one is sure to get many readers!
    Nobody said they had to give him the contract they did, they did live with it and put the blame where it belongs...Hank/Hal.


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