Monday, February 2, 2015

Most Popular Article of the Week" A Rod's 2nd Chance

Alex Rodriguez's relationship with former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig definitely had its issues, but his one with Selig's successor seems to be a little better. 

At least that's the tone new league administrator Rob Manfred appeared to set during a recent sit-down with ESPN's Karl Ravech, in which Manfred was questioned about his thoughts on the troubled slugger. Manfred, who took over for Selig Sunday, clarified in the conversation that the decision to suspend Rodriguez for all of last season was Selig's alone, and that from now on it will be him calling the shots. 

"I've had a nice dialogue with Alex Rodriguez since all the litigation was resolved," Manfred said. "We've spoken on a number of occasions and it has been a positive dialogue."

Rodriguez openly expressed his displeasure with Selig numerous times last year, and denied his alleged steroid use vehemently before privately admitting it in January. When his punishment was initially announced last winter, he sued MLB in an attempt to overturn it, ultimately to no avail. 

Nonetheless, Manfred has no problem with Rodriguez's return. 

"Once [a penalty for PED use] is over, that individual is entitled to try to resume his career, assuming he can still play," Manfred said. "If you approach it with that mindset, I think you can get past whatever rhetoric went on."

Rodriguez is expected to be the Yankees' starting DH this season, probably serving as the team's backup third baseman as well. It's presumable many throughout the Yankees' fanbase won't be fond of him when he takes the field this April, nor will some ever accept him back into the game.

Fortunately for the veteran, though, Manfred isn't one of those people.

"Yeah, I do," he said when asked if he has the ability to forgive Rodriguez. "I think that's part of what makes the bargain of severe penalties work."

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