Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Steroids/Drugs Still Run Rampant in Minor Leagues

Thankfully this is not Yankees related, although the team did have one of their farm hands suspended this offseason already due to drugs, but three more minor league players were suspended for steroids and drug abuse this week. This is the side of Prospects Month that I had hoped to never have to cover but it seems like steroids and drug abuse, despite the “clean up” of the game, is still running rampant at least in the minor leagues.

Spencer Edwards is an outfielder in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, Brian Ruiz is an outfielder in the Cleveland Indians organization and Joseph Gardner-Prophet is a free agent RHP and all received suspensions this week. Edwards and Ruiz each received 80 game suspensions after failing tests for performance enhancing drugs while Prophet received a 50 game suspension for a second failed drug test.

All in all there have been 34 suspensions since the beginning of 2014 under the minor league program including 20 for drug abuse alone. Staggering numbers in a “clean” game. 

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