Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meet a Prospect: Robert Refsnyder

The New York Yankees used their fifth round pick, 187th overall, in the 2012 MLB First Year Players Draft on college 2B Robert Refsnyder. Robert has spent his college years at the University of Arizona and signed for $205,900 K. 

All Robert Refsnyder seems to do is hit. He has great bat speed and just has a knack for making contact and "hitting it where they ain't". He is also a great athlete which should help him in the Yankees infield. Refsnyder has easily jumped all in his path on the way to the top of the rung on the Yankees infield prospects ladder and is knocking on the Bronx's door for 2015. 

Refsnyder was said to be in line for the starting second base job before the team signed Stephen Drew this season but Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, states that Refsnyder could still win the job. He is probably a long shot and that's probably the best thing for him and the Yankees so he can get another year under his belt and work on his defense but the kid is close and the kid is the future. 


  1. I don't want to incite a riot or anything, but I disagree that Refsnyder needs another year at AAA. I understand that he may still need to work on his defense, but that's something that can be accomplished at the major league level. I also think that's an excuse GM's use to keep a player at AAA. He obviously has instincts for the position or he wouldn't have been moved there. Let him hone his skills around major league players and major league coaches.

    1. Ref wasn't "moved" there, he was a second baseman in college. He was moved to the outfield and it stunted his development as a middle infielder. He can learn the trade in the majors, no one would argue that, but a veteran and "win now" team like the Yankees usually don't do that unless they have to.

    2. So instead of keeping his errors and/or mistakes in AAA, bring them to MLB where they can hurt the Yankees? Are you thinking the Yankees should bag this season?

      Look, let him work in AAA, and if Drew is doing poorly then make the change. I don't see the rush.

    3. "He played right field in college and was seen as a potential reserve. The Yankees saw a little more and moved him to second base, where he is fringy to average." Words written by your buddy Kiley McDaniel. And I know the Yankees don't let prospects finish their development at the major league level unless they're forced to. The last time they did that was with Robinson Cano. That didn't work out well for anybody, did it?

    4. Refsnysder needs like half the season at AAA. I take that back, he doesn't "need" it but it will truly help his development defensively. Everything I read, and reported above, is that he played 2B at Arizona. I could be wrong, I dunno.


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