Monday, February 16, 2015

Yankees To Also Retire Bernie Williams #51, Jorge Posada's #20

Yesterday we reported that the New York Yankees would be retiring the #46 of Andy Pettitte along with a plaque in Monument Park on Andy Pettitte Day. Today we learned that there will be a Jorge Posada Day in 2015 and we also learned a little bit more about Bernie Williams Day. The Yankees will also retire Posada's #20 jersey with a plaque in Monument Park along side Williams' #51.

Both are well deserved and both should have happened already so I am glad to hear this. I guess we now know what the Yankees are going to do to bring fans out to the ballpark without a farewell tour. They are going to milk the Cour Four/Five one last time. And good for them for doing it.

Willie Randolph will also be honored on Old Timers Day 2015 with a plaque in Monument Park. Should be a fun summer for Yankees fans.

Williams: Sunday, May 24th 
Randolph: Saturday, June 20th (Old Timers’ Day) 
Posada: Saturday, August 22nd 
Pettitte: Sunday, August 23rd 


  1. RE: RETIRING NUMBERS...of sub Yankee icons.

    This to me, is a disgrace. Hollowed numbers gone forever....for what reason ?

    These where fine / very good valued ball players. But, legends ?
    Write their names on the outfield fence, or name a hot dog after them...but don't retire
    numbers of those that simply did a good job.
    Bernie Williams = Lou Gehrig ? Posada = Mantle ? Jesus, what is going on here ?

    How idiotic. How dumb.They should hold these, so called ceremonies, in the
    comic book section of 'Monument Park'. Where they sell yesterdays french fries.

    A real man would say..." thank you for the acknowledgement for what I had done, but let
    my number go others can carry the flag."
    The Core Four could never fathom that kind of thinking. They are incapable.
    I hope it rains, on every ritual.

    A sad day for me. This is pathetic.

    1. It is a little watered down, no one can deny that. I couldn't see many players declining the ceremony and having their number retired though.

    2. ROCKET REED are welcome. I will not watch any of that hype.
      It's like the soap opera..." One life to Live "

      Some are calling watered down, but it's OK.
      Really ?...It is insulting to the great players that came before them.
      Give them 50% off at Papa John's Pizza for life, and wish them well.

    3. Well, Patrick it's the times, they are a-changing! I do think they should have a plaque in centerfield. But retiring their numbers and god forbid, a monument is stretching it a bit.
      What ticks me off is one of the better players that helped win 6 WS (5 with the Yanks) is omitted from all this...Paul O'Neill!
      Having to leave off the top ten list guys like Guidry and Howard. Putting a guy that won the top Yankee player of the year 3 times in twenty years, in the Top 10 Yankees is a joke! If you aren't the best player on your own team more than 3 times in 20 years, how the hell can one be a top ten Yankee. A-Rod beat him out 4 times, Cano 3 times and just look at this B. Gardner beat him out this past have all heard of him, the guy that is no better than a 4th or 5th OF!
      We have 7 WS titles in 45 years. So, we are to understand that the newer generation are better than the all time greats of years gone by?

    4. Rocket Reed...Put this in your sock, re: ... "the Yankees omitting Paul O'Neill from their
      passion play for the Core 4-5."

      You never misspeak. So no one must see this.

      " New York Yankees honor Paul O'Neill with Monument Park ...
      Aug 9, 2014 - On the day the New York Yankees honored Paul O'Neill with a plaque in Monument Park, O'Neill said he was just thankful to have been a ......" one will know.

    5. I stand corrected, I was under the impression he was not to get a plaque or number retired at all!
      I apologize not knowing of the Plaque! I must be getting older than I think! Damn, that sucks!
      Thanks for letting me know Patrick!

    6. I know, and that's what counts the most! It isn't pretty to have someone remind me of something I saw happen on TV. I have been making a lot of mistakes lately. I am not use to that, but then again, I'll live with it for a while yet I guess...but it still sucks@#&%$#*#!
      And I do mean thanks, Patrick!

    7. He was honored this season. Also he didn't help the Yankees win five World Series, it was four. 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000. Loss in 2001 before retiring.

    8. Yup, I was do'lly corrected by Patrick (above) and apologized>


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