Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yankees will make A-Rod earn his playing time in 2015

Alex Rodriguez won't get special treatment from the Yankees this season. 

The 39-year-old infielder will have to earn his playing time in spring training, club manager Joe Girardi said Friday. 

Rodriguez, coming off a season-long suspension for steroid use, is expected to DH for the Yankees come April, and has been welcomed back by many of his teammates in recent weeks.

But Rodriguez is still a question mark after missing all but 44 games since the end of 2012, and Girardi says he will essentially be treated like a rookie over the next month. 

"He's on our roster, but you have to prove yourself, in a sense, for playing time and how you fit in," Girardi told ESPN New York
Rodriguez still has three years left on his contract -- worth a hefty $61 million.
He probably won't get a chance to start this season, seeing as the Yankees have already re-signed fellow third baseman Chase Headley this winter. Rodriguez has also had a pair of hip surgeries over the last few years, so health concerns could too arise. 
That doesn't seem to be the Yankees' biggest issue with him, though, and Girardi says they're just worried about his ability to compete.
"We really haven't seen him play in two years and we don't know exactly where he is at, so that's something he has to prove and earn," Girardi said.
The Yankees have reportedly considered trying Rodriguez out at first base this offseason -- something Girardi says he will make a decision on when the veteran arrives at camp. The two are said to have discussed the idea in the past, but nothing regarding it was finalized. 
Nonetheless, Girardi appreciates A-Rod's cooperation.

"Everything he has said, he has said he is willing to do anything to help us," Girardi said. "That's what you want with your players."

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