Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bryan Mitchell Has Been Working This Winter

Bryan Mitchell seemingly is not part of the New York Yankees starting rotation plan but after seeing him make his spring debut on Friday maybe he should be. Mitchell has made more than a few adjustments this winter and they were on full display in his game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

One scout who was unnamed but has supposedly been following Mitchell for a while has mentioned that his curveball is much tighter and seemingly easier to control. Mitchell was asked about it after the game and said he made no changes to the curveball and simply just got more consistent with it, either way it looked great.

Mitchell has also added somewhat of a mystery pitch as Joe Girardi and company have called it a cutter while Mitchell thinks of it more as a slider. Mitchell has thrown a cutter in the past but has presumably changed the grip on it to get different, and it looks like better, results.

Chris Capuano is currently the Yankees fifth starter but Mitchell is already making his case to get the spot and send the big lefty to the bullpen. I don't think it will happen when the Yankees break camp but honestly if both pitchers look like they did on Friday then maybe it should.

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