Sunday, March 15, 2015

David Robertson is Talking About the Yankees Again

David, we get it. You're a member of the Chicago White Sox now and you didn't want to come back to the Yankees because Chicago has a better chance of winning. You didn't necessarily agree with all the rules the Yankees threw down, apparently the facial hair policy irked you a bit, we get it. I love you D Rob and I really loved watching you play in the Bronx but it's over. You know you can refuse to answer a question or just turn the question around to talk about your current team? Right?

Anyway the point of this article was to inform you guys what Robertson had to say about the Yankees admittedly outdated facial hair policy. Here is the quote from his ESPN interview:

"This is nice, not to have to shave every three days. I think it's kind of ridiculous, but that was the Yankees' rule — they wanted to have you clean-shaven. Here you can just let it grow. Obviously, they don't want me to get it to that point. But I won't let it get out of control."

Joba Chamberlain didn't rip the Yankees facial hair policy and neither did Robinson Cano. Be better, because we know you can be and we know that you are.


  1. He wishes he were back with the Yankees. That's why he won't stop talking about them.

  2. I was very thankful when the Yankees let him walk. I never thought Robertson was a top flight closer. He had to many Houdini acts and it wore thin. The guy had you 0-2 and 1-2 and end up walking you. Dave enjoy your time in Chi town


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