Thursday, April 16, 2015

Carlos Beltran, You’re Worrying Me

* naturally this was written before last night's game where he did well. 

Carlos Beltran was one of the seemingly knee jerk reactions that the New York Yankees had when they lost out on free agent Robinson Cano just a couple winters ago. Beltran has waited patiently to play in a Yankees uniform for much of his career and when finally given the shot has really struggled in pinstripes. Last season was chalked up as a loss because of an ailing bone spur problem that bothered him and required offseason surgery to repair. Beltran is said to be healthy and feeling no pain and effects from the surgery but is still continuing to struggle at the bat not only this season but in the spring as well. When is it too early to start worrying about Beltran and what his lack of offense is doing to the New York Yankees?

When the Yankees hitting coach Jeff Pentland was asked this very question he responded that Beltran was “frustrated” and he’s “not used to struggling” according to the New York Post. Beltran has been a great hitter for his entire career, even when oft-injured with the Mets, but has struggled mightily since returning to New York. Beltran was batting .156 after hitting a double in Tuesday night’s game with four RBI in the Yankees first eight games. What also compounds the problem, and makes me worry, is that his on base percentage is only 20 points higher at .176 so without really looking he couldn’t have taken more than one or two walks this season.

Beltra turns 38 years old next week and is in the second year of a three year deal worth $45 million with the Yankees. Beltran is a career .281 hitter and has 373 home runs in his career and before coming to New York led the St. Louis Cardinals to the World Series with a .296 batting average, 24 home runs and 84 RBI. Those numbers with New York are a far cry from what the Yankees were expecting when they signed him and I don’t know about you guys but I’m beginning to worry. If he was taking his walks or having good at bats or even playing adequate defense that would be one thing, when a guy is struggling and leaving me struggling to find a redeeming factor and quality about him I tend to worry. Well Beltran, I’m worried. 

Prove me wrong, please?


  1. It is always "The season starts now", when a good hitter comes out of a very bad slump! I hope it is the case with Beltran for the rest of the year. The team needs every good bat they can field for the rest of the year.
    Now that Drew is hitting better, I have not heard a word about Refy. If Didi keeps going as he is now we may have Drew at SS and Refy at 2nd base yet.
    They are saying all the right things about Didi but production is what counts, he has to get his head on and do the things he is good at...forget replacing Jeter and do your job Didi. If you think it is such a big deal, just think about how hard it was for Bobby Mercer replacing Mickey...the man that owned New York! Bobby did alright, never was Mickey and never thought he was, now it is your turn to man up and be Didi...that is all we want from you, just be yourself.

    1. I think everyone gave up on the Yankees bringing up Refsnyder, not because Drew has hit better.


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