Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yankees Interested in Braves Jose Peraza

The New York Yankees reportedly have interest in the top prospect in the Atlanta Braves system, Jose Peraza. Peraza is playing second base only because he is blocked by current Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons and is a natural shortstop by trade and is only 20 years old playing in Triple-A Gwinnett.

The Yankees have informed the Braves GM John Hart that they have interest in Peraza and have sent scouts to watch him play this season in Atlanta. Peraza hit .339/.364/.441 with 20 doubles, 11 triples, two home runs and 60 stolen bases last season but is only out to a .214 average this season in 28 at bats.

Peraza is 6' 0" and right handed with an above average bat, above average defense and a more than adequate arm for his age. New York will reportedly not give up top prospect Luis Severino in any sort of deal but instead Gary Sanchez may be the center piece coming from the Yankees along with another player.


  1. JOSE PERAZA....Middle infielder....I'll bite, so let's pretend.

    Peraza is a blue chip middle infielder. A true shortstop, that was bumped over to second base,
    because of a numbers game in Atlanta.
    That opens the door / or doors, to a potential trade.

    Peraza is that good. Do your homework on his numbers, and your mind will
    start racing. Lets start with the word....imagine ?

    For some reason the EARLY marks on Didi Gregorius are in the toilet. Maybe they see
    the Green for Gregorius swap as a major bomb. Hard to imagine after Gregorius has
    played only nine games......but, buyers remorse is in play here also.

    That said...lets pretend.
    This Yankees team goes south bound, big time. The fans throw in the towel early on.
    ( That's how I see it, as now presented )

    Time to hallucinate..?....I am.
    Trade for Peraza, be daring. Send Sanchez, a young arm, a prospect...but get it done.
    Someone will bite on Gregorius.
    Someone will bite on Ryan / Drew. ( Imagine )

    Ride this season out with Ryfsnyder / Peraza. This may be your combo, for years to come.
    While your at it...move off / release high priced talent, for low cost talent....a wash.
    The fans will come back. They always do.

    This season is starting to smell early. I hope I'm wrong.
    Perhaps I'm too simplistic. That's why I pretend.

    1. patrick, welcome back. Imagine and pretend you come back every single day and post with us so I don't have to now throw away 100's of Coors Light bottles with your picture on it stating "Have you seen this man?"

      I like Peraza don't get me wrong I just don't see the point in the trade. That may be because I am being more patient with Didi then others but honestly if projections are correct even if Didi was good, Peraza is going to be great. Plus Peraza is right handed and Didi could fetch something in a trade, does Detroit need a shortstop? Think they trade us Greene back?

  2. Is he better than Jorge Mateo, or is he as good? I am hoping Sanchez is ready when JR takes over from McCann and we have him as JR's backup.

    Is Torrens as good as Sanchez? Some say he is better but, he is lower in the system and younger. We trade Torrens for Peraza?

    Going out and getting Peraza may free up some players to be trade bait for other young players.
    Or it could make a mess of our Farm System. We have many players that are good players at almost every position.

    What do we do with them if we keep going outside the system to get a player just like one we already have? WE go get players that are ready now that may not be any better than what we have. Most of the good players will be ready to step up by next year and others in fact we have one or more that could play right now!

    1. He may not be better than Mateo or he may be, problem is Mateo is a good two or three seasons away. It's hard to tell. Peraza is really good though and is probably ready now, although he would definitely be ready by June or July. You can't compare the two because Peraza is probably the ceiling and the finished product of Mateo.

      Torrens is light years better, and younger, than Sanchez (pre shoulder surgery anyway). The Braves are rebuilding towards that new stadium in 2017 so they won't want Torrens they will want someone ready in 2016 to get their fans excited about in 2017. Especially since Torrens is injured and they won't really know what they will be getting.

      If all you give up is Sanchez and a lesser name and you get Peraza that improves our farm system. It's harder to find middle infielders than anything these days for some reason, especially shortstops with bats.

    2. I got it and true you are on middle infielders, no doubt about it!

      Sanchez goes in the trade along with some other player, right? Who will back up JR when McCann is gone? When Mateo is ready (about 2017) where does he play? Who ever is the better player starts at SS and the other goes to 2nd/3rd base, then what do we do with the 3rd basemen (power) coming up?

      I guess what I am saying is, we keep going after outside players to fill a hole when we have a player just as good in our system. Why not find a good player for a year or two (Didi) plug them in until the internal player is ready?

      In this case, we give up one good player for a guy we need right now...I can go with this one but the continual going out for what we have is dumb!

    3. Torrens should be plenty read when McCann is gone after the 2017 or 2018 season. If not then it's a backup catcher, there will be plenty of Jose Molina's sitting around I'm sure. Worry about something as insignificant as that when the time comes.

      When you have talent you find a place to get them at bats. If Mateo can handle shortstop he can handle second base, he can DH, and maybe his arm is good enough for 3B. Maybe Peraza will be a bust, or Refsnyder, etc. It's three seasons away, we can't necessarily plan for that unless we go full blown rebuild, and we wont.

      I get what you are saying and I do agree with you. Peraza is a shortstop and may or may not be better than Didi or Mateo but he is ready now and more of a sure thing at a position where we don't really have a sure thing. Mateo could fall off a cliff tomorrow, production and development wise, and Didi could suck.

      It's one thing to trade away for an aging veteran to block your prospects, like the Drew signing, and it's another thing to solidify a position with a 21 year old (in two weeks).

    4. I think I agreed with you when I wrote:

      "In this case, we give up one good player for a guy we need right now...I can go with this one but the continual going out for what we have is dumb!"

      But in the same sense we have two or three other SS besides Mateo that project well but not quite as well and the same in the outfield and 1st and 3rd base. In other words, we have depth at every position...not stars but many players that may or may not make an impact in years to come. Going out and signing guys like Beltran for three years when he was 37 is not good management. CC with all his mileage and A-Rod for the years they gave him and we can throw in Tex also.

      Signing a guy that has a track record of some extent, shows he can play and is young, is not a bad deal.

      But as you said;
      "It's one thing to trade away for an aging veteran to block your prospects, like the Drew signing, and it's another thing to solidify a position with a 21 year old (in two weeks)."

    5. I knew you more or less agreed, I was just rambling. You know me.

    6. No Daniel, I am the rambling champ around and Patrick keep telling me that and the truth will out!

      Hey, you and I are not doing too well on the game picks are we, what did I do last year, edge you out by one game to win? Oh well, we have well over 100 more games to make up some ground. Ken H is doing very well, so far.

    7. You beat me on the series before the final series of the season and we basically tied the final series. I couldn't make up any ground. It's a long season, no one has ever won wire to wire.

  3. Exactly its a marathon and I don't expect to be there wire to wire, however there is always a first time lol

  4. He was a class act and not a very friendly guy, he played hard every time he went between the lines. He also said to rookies, "Don't mess with my World Series Mony"! Or close enough that you can see what he meant. He also said, when asked about his 56 game hitting strike; "I could have gotten a lot of money from the Hinze Company with one more hit! Again, something like that. All from memory guys.
    He was not very nice to some kids that tried to talk to him, he would always have someone around to keep the "Kitchen Trash" away from him. I know, I was one of the "Kitchen Trash"!
    Great Player, I have only seen two Yankees better than he, Mickey Mantle and A-Rod.


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