Thursday, July 9, 2015

Two Yankees Make Baseball Prospectus Top 50 List

Baseball Prospectus released their Top 50 Mid-Season Prospects List this week, subs required unfortunately, and a pair of New York Yankees made the list. While the two Yankees farm hands who made the list, Luis Severino and Aaron Judge, seem obvious but who was ranked higher? What positions were they ranked in? Keep reading.

Baseball Prospectus likes Judge a lot more than they do Severino which is evident by Judge's #13 ranking and Severino's #28 ranking. Judge was praised for his ability to use all fields and his plus defense despite being a bigger guy in stature while Severino's frame and size once again came into question. BP wonders if Severino is a Major League starting pitcher or a pitcher better suited for the back end of the bullpen while the group's questions surrounding Judge have been limited.

Judge was ranked 49th overall on BP's pre-season list while Severino was ranked 51st so both have made significant strides this season not only because of promotions but because of their on the field play. You have to remember one thing though, Keith Law is probably the biggest Severino "hater" for lack of a better word and is on the BP payroll which probably explains the low ranking.

For your information the Los Angeles Dodgers have the top prospect in all of baseball now with shortstop Cory Seager while Washington Nationals RHP Lucas Giolito and Texas Rangers first baseman Joey Gallo round out the Top 3. With all the promotions of the likes of Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs and Byron Buxton of the Minnesota Twins the list has been shaken up quite a bit lately.

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