Thursday, July 9, 2015

Two Yankees Make Baseball America's Top 50 Prospects List

This morning we went over the Top 50 Prospects List that was released earlier this week by Baseball Prospectus, which was a subscription only piece, but BP wasn't the only group to release a list as Baseball America also did. I trust Baseball America's rankings a lot more than I do Baseball Prospectus personally because Keith Law does not work for BA but both are just opinion and it's really to each their own. One similarity between the two lists is the two names of Yankees farm hands that made the list, Aaron Judge and Luis Severino.

Much like BP's list the Yankees outfielder, and the best outfielder in the game according to both lists,Judge was ranked 13th overall but the similarities stop when it comes to Severino. While BP and Law think Severino is destined for the Yankees bullpen before it's all said and done BA thinks more highly of the New York RHP and has him ranked 17th overall on their list. Before the season BA had Severino ranked 35th and Judge ranked 53rd showing that both players have made significant climbs on the list this season.

Much like BP's list the Dodgers Cory Seager is the top overall prospect in Major League Baseball followed by the Nationals Lucas Giolito and the Rangers Joey Gallo.

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