Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

It has to be good to be Aaron Judge right about now, doesn’t it? Nobody likes to lose whether you are in the minor leagues, the major leagues, little league or your own league you made up with your friends in your neighborhood. While some of us lose better than others the fact remains, nobody likes to lose. The good news for Judge is that he hasn’t been losing very much as a member of the Scranton-Wilkes Barre RailRiders due to the fact that he is surrounded with such immense talent.

It has to be nice to be out in right field every fifth day with Luis Severino on the mound now throwing to catcher Gary Sanchez. It has to feel nice to know that the offensive load is taken off your shoulders a bit having a young star like Greg Bird manning first base and hitting home runs. It has to feel good that despite a little run before the All-Star break and in one game since the light at the end of the tunnel for Carlos Beltran in the Bronx may be closer than it appears in the mirror. It has to be nice to be Judge right now knocking on the door of Yankee Stadium knowing that if Brian Cashman and company don’t answer that you’re big enough to rip it off the hinges and take the league by storm.

It has to be nice to be Aaron Judge right now…. 

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