Friday, July 3, 2015

Zack Hample Will Give Alex Rodriguez 3000th Hit Ball Today

Zack Hample, the man who caught the home run ball for Alex Rodriguez's 3000th hit, will give the ball back to Alex today at Yankee Stadium. More to come, stay tuned.

EDIT: Yankees paid $150,000 for the baseball and apparently 100% of it will head to Mr. Hample's charity of choice, Pitch In For Baseball that supplies under-privileged children with baseball and softball equipment and gear.

The entire list of what Hample will receive is not public record yet but you have to think that if Hample had offers as high as $500,000 for the ball he has to have quite a few perks coming his way from the Yankees and Hal Steinbrenner.

And just as a reminder he alluded to as much in THIS interview he did exclusively for the blog.

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