Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekly Check In: James Kaprielian

Wow, is it Thursday already? This week is flying by for my much like the season must be flying by for James Kaprielian. Kaprielian was the first round pick for the New York Yankees in the 2015 MLB First Year Players Draft and after taking his signing down to the wire he recently made his professional debut with the team.

Kaprielian, a Scott Boras client, is expected to be a fast mover inside the Yankees system and could see the Major Leagues as soon as September 2016 if all things go well. Obviously the 2017 season is more likely of a target for Kaprielian but either way he is quickly becoming an exciting prospect inside the Yankees system.

Kaprielian won't get many more turns this season with most minor league affiliates ending their season in two or three weeks but as long as he makes the most of the starts he does get I think he, and the Yankees, will be just fine.


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