Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weekly Check In: Jeff Degano

The New York Yankees added a ton of talent to their minor league affiliates this month through the 2015 MLB First Year Players Draft including two first round picks in Kyle Holder and James Kaprielian. The two first round picks have already made it to the New York-Penn League with the Staten Island Yankees and they joined another 2015 Draft pick by the Yankees, Jeff Degano.

Degano was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2015 Draft out of Indiana State. Here is the Pipeline scouting report on Degano:

The redshirt junior works at 88-92 mph and can reach 95 with his fastball, which features some natural cutting life. He gets many of his strikeouts with his hard slurve, which he can run away from lefties and back-foot against righties … Degano has a decent changeup with some fade and will need to use it more as a starter in pro ball. He throws strikes but his command could use some refinement. Though he doesn’t have a true plus offering, he has the upside of a three-pitch starter with the fallback of becoming a situational lefty.
2015 Rk-A- 0 4 4.50 8 16.0 19 10 8 1 6 14 1.562 10.7 0.6 3.4 7.9
2015 Rk 0 4 5.06 6 10.2 14 8 6 1 4 8 1.688 11.8 0.8 3.4 6.8
2015 A- 0 0 3.38 2 5.1 5 2 2 0 2 6 1.312 8.4 0.0 3.4 10.1


  1. This is the type of pitcher we can use in the future. But unless he gets more mph on his fastball, he will be moving very slow. The Yankees love speed.
    Myself, I look at what he already has, clean up his Command and we may have a good pitcher. His movement (they say) is with all his pitches so, more speed is not what he needs just Command & Control will set him apart from the rest. He gets a lot of SO's as it is adding the two Cs would make for a very good starter.
    Going by the scouting report, as I have not seen him in person...until I do, let me quantify my assessment of the young man.

  2. Has plenty of time to fill out, add mass and add velocity. He'll be fine in that department in my opinion. He's not a second rounder for no reason, you know?

    1. I agree he should fill out and add power to his pitches. Hell, our 1st rounders have been bad sometimes. Point being he has everything but C&C right now and left handed at that. Another one with good upside...IF, he will work hard. Talent can get you to the big time (Sometimes) but hard work and learning on the fly keeps one there.


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