Sunday, September 20, 2015

Should Mark Teixeira Stop Switch-Hitting in 2016

Watching Mark Teixeira bat right handed this season has been frustrating at times and other times painful to watch. He almost looks awkward batting from the right side these days and some say he has been seemingly drained of all his power from that side. Should the Yankees and Teixeira consider scrapping the right handed swing in 2016 and focus on left handed swings only?

Teixeira has a bad batting average from either side of the plate in the last three seasons but let’s look at the last six seasons to see if the stats back up my theory.

LH BA 2015: .264
RH BA 2015: .223

LH BA 2014: .224
RH BA 2014: .215

LH BA 2013: .278
RH BA 2013: .086 (granted in an injury riddled season and small sample size)

LH BA 2012: .269
RH BA 2012: .239

LH BA 2011: .302
RH BA 2011: .223

LH BA 2010: .278
RH BA 2010: .247

In a word, yes. Please stop switch hitting.

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