Friday, September 11, 2015

The Yankees Play Best Against Good Teams?

Last week we brought you a post stating that playoff teams generally beat the teams they are supposed to beat, teams with inferior records for example, with consistency. Can the same be said about consistently beating the best teams in the league and the team’s that are either near locks for the playoffs or contending for a playoff spot? Do the Yankees beat them with consistency as well?

Taking a look at all the contending teams the Yankees have faced this season you run into this breakdown:

NYY vs. Toronto Blue Jays: 4-8
NYY vs. Baltimore Orioles: 9-7
NYY vs. Tampa Bay Rays: 10-6
NYY vs. Kansas City Royals: 4-2
NYY vs. Minnesota Twins: 5-1
NYY vs. Houston Astros: 3-4
NYY vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 4-2
NYY vs. Texas Rangers: 2-5
NYY vs. New York Mets: 2-1

As you can see here the Yankees have done well overall against potential playoff teams. They have had their hiccups against the Rangers and have been played tough against the Houston Astros but overall the team has taken care of business. The Yankees are fine ladies and gents, even against the Toronto Blue Jays who they have struggled against this season. The Yankees are still within striking distance and have plenty of head-to-head matchups left with Toronto. The Yankees have already dethroned the New York Mets once this season ending their 11-game winning streak, they stopped an 11-2 Detroit Tigers team who had the best record in baseball at the time three times in a row and New York was the team that stopped Toronto’s 11-game winning streak earlier this season. It can be done again, now it’s time to do it. 

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