Saturday, September 5, 2015

Yankees International Signing Haul- UPDATED

Luis Medina

The New York Yankees went absolutely crazy during the 2014-2015 international signing period and now face harsh penalties which restrict their IFA signing for not only the 2015-2016 signing period but the 2016-2017 signing period as well. Every signing period begins on July 2nd every season so New York will not be able to sign an international free agent for more than $300,000 again until July 2nd, 2017.

While the Yankees approached $30 million spent in last year's IFA signing period that doesn't mean the team can't get great talent at a bargain, remember Luis Severino was signed for just $225,000 while Jorge Mateo was signed for only $250,000 in recent years, could the Yankees strike gold again with their freshest batch of prospects they brought in this season?

Right-Handed pitcher Luis Medina is the team's top international signing at 16-years old after signing a deal worth $280,000 plus $120,000 in scholarship money for schooling.Medina sits at 91-94 MPH on his fastball and even got as high as 96 MPH. Medina is extremely raw but that is expected out of a 16-year old arm but the promise is definitely there. Medina used up $280K of the $2.2628 million pool the Yankees were given.

Other less than notable signings were RHP Deivi Garcia ($100K), catcher Robert Espinosa ($50K), infielder Brian Jimenez ($50K), outfielder Vinicio Martinez ($50K) and unknown bonuses were handed out to 16-year old Heiner Moreno, third baseman Sandy Acevedo, second baseman Diego Duran, RHP Rony Garcia, shortstop Jesus Graterol, LHP Argelis Herrera, shortstop Brayan Jimenez, catcher Moises Lobo, shortstop Kleiber Maneiro, RHP Alex Mejias, RHP Luis Ojeda, RHP Elvis Peguero and third baseman Alfredo Pujols.

It's unclear whether we will ever hear these names again after this post goes live but you can't win the game if you're not playing. Medina is definitely a talent to watch and hopefully one day we can look back at this post and see talent elsewhere from this haul. Fingers crossed.

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