Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Final 2015 USA Today Weekly MLB Power Rankings

The New York Yankees had an absolutely miserable final week of the season. The team’s last 11 games included four games each with the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox before finishing with three games in Baltimore against the Orioles. The Yankees had to win one game to clinch a playoff spot, which they did, and win two games or get some help to host the Wild Card Round in the Bronx. Well the Yankees got the help as they basically backed into the postseason going 1-6 in their final seven games. Ouch!

The New York Yankees were ranked 8th last week but after being the biggest fall of the final week, falling two spots, the Bronx Bombers finished the season with the #10 position. Meanwhile the biggest rise of the week went to the Tampa Bay Rays who rose two spots to the #17 position. To round out the rest of the American League East you have the Toronto Blue Jays ranked 3rd overall heading into the postseason while the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox finished the season ranked 16th and 18th respectively.  

The Top Five teams according to the rankings were the St. Louis Cardinals, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Kansas City Royals and the Chicago Cubs. The five worst teams in the league according to the rankings were the #26 Milwaukee Brewers, the #27 Colorado Rockies, the #28 Atlanta Braves, the #29 Philadelphia Phillies and the #30 Cincinnati Reds.

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