Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The New York Yankees Top 10 Prospects List After the Chapman Trade

The New York Yankees gave us all a late Christmas present and an early New Years present yesterday when the team acquired All-Star closer Aroldis Chapman. As you know you have to give something to get something in most cases and what the Yankees gave up for Chapman's services was RHP's Caleb Cotham and Rookie Davis along with infielders Eric Jagielo and Tony Renda. Cotham and Renda weren't on anyone's Top 10 Yankees Prospects lists but Jagielo and Davis were on most so here is an updated list after the Chapman trade.

1. Aaron Judge
2. Jorge Mateo
3. Gary Sanchez
4. James Kaprielian
5. Robert Refsnyder
6. Drew Finley
7. Jacob Lindgren
8. Dustin Fowler
9. Ian Clarkin
10. Domingo Acevedo

After you get to the 5th spot these prospects become so interchangeable in my opinion. I wanted to include Brady Lail in my Top 10 but I am much higher on Domingo Acevedo than Baseball American is for example. Dustin Fowler is probably better than 8th on the list but I am trying to right a wrong by including Jacob Lindgren. He's still a prospect and he's still a top prospect, an elbow injury derailed his season and he will be back in 2016. This is not the issue here though, this just goes to show you how stacked the Yankees system is getting. It's not so black and white anymore, there is true talent coming out of the Yankees system now and it's a sight for sore eyes.


  1. HAVING JUST SPENT..the last 4 minutes watching a Aroldis Chapman
    highlight video from Cincinatti...I came away with a few thoughts, and
    a rather large smile.

    Unhittable, and high heat, were the first words that flowed forward.
    It got better...just when the batter is saying ..."why me ?"...Chapman
    snaps off a hard curve. The batter is frozen. Magic.

    Yes, I love this trade. Along with the Aaron Hicks trade, made earlier. Hicks is hands down the best Yankee outfielder. The others can not do what he does in the field. And, the arm...magic also.

    The politically correct crowd is out in force today slamming the Chapman
    trade. Fact is...if the Red Sox snatched him up, the same fools would
    be screaming for Cashman's neck. One even said she burned her season tickets ! Yeah, sure.....I hate opportunists.

    1. I saw one place say the Yankees sold their souls to acquire Chapman. And the Oscar for the biggest overreaction goes to..... Well not Leo DiCaprio.

      The off the field stuff is rough but liking the player and liking the man are two total opposites of the spectrum.

      No one condones what he did, whether we like the trade or not.

  2. ATTN: Kenneth Reed.
    From a note pinned by my desk...You used the word : Contumelious.
    You had used that word during the blog scrum a few weeks back.

    That is not a word that a person, like you, who destroys the English language would use.
    I know what it means, but did you have to pay some school kid to
    tutor you ? Someone used it to describe you ?

    I just now crumpled the note up, but I had to ask.
    Still reading the operating manual. Stay well.

    1. Yup, my next door grade school girl told me to use the word...after she fixed my computer for me. What does it mean, she never told me?


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