Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yankees Edition:What I Want for Christmas, The Offense

The starting pitching list is officially in Santa's hands and he's passed it down to his elves and workers but I'm not done. This is the Greedy Pinstripes, not the happy with whatever or the frugal pinstripes. We, the fans, now have the starting pitcher we need on the way but the offense could use another punch in the arm. In my personal opinion relying on Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez to replicate their 2015 seasons would be foolish for New York. The problem is where would they play a new player? It almost has to be the outfield, doesn't it?

The outfield market still looks appealing with a lot of talent out there. One of the more underrated outfield bats out there is still available as well in Justin Upton. Truth be told Upton is probably a better all-around player than Jason Heyward if you leave out the advanced defensive metrics and is not getting nearly the attention he deserves. If the Yankees jump on it now they may be able to show Upton the attention he deserves without having to give up the monetary "attention" that many originally though Upton would command.

Upton is a Top 5 left fielder in all of Major League Baseball, defensive metrics or not, and would be an immediate upgrade over the Top 10 left fielder the Yankees already have in Brett Gardner. Whether the Yankees trade Gardner or shift him (or Upton preferably due to arm strength) to right field and trade Carlos Beltran, that's for Brian Cashman to decide, but Upton makes this offense exponentially better and he's one of the few left on the market that would.

It's unlikely, or nearly impossible, for Upton to join the Yankees this season. I know this. This is also the time to dream and reach for the stars and I am. Upton hitting third in front of Jacoby Ellsbury and Starlin Castro with Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Brian McCann, Chase Headley and one of Brett Gardner or Carlos Beltran hitting behind him makes this lineup one of the best in the league.

Make it happen Santa, I mean Cash.

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