Thursday, March 17, 2016

Justin Morneau Makes Sense for the Yankees

EDIT: Justin Morneau informed us that he had a setback after an offseason elbow surgery and will not be able to pick up a bat until June. So much for that.

The New York Yankees have a situation down on the farm that could turn into a situation in the Bronx if it is left unattended. The situation is at the first base position. The Yankees have a healthy Mark Teixeira, although he’s one step away from stepping on a crack and breaking his own back (I joke), but the backup situation looks dire. The Yankees signed Chris Denorfia to a minor league deal but he has a March opt-out date so if he walks New York has no true first baseman backup in case Teixeira gets injured, could Justin Morneau be that man?

This late into spring, assuming that Morneau has intentions of playing in 2016, you would have to come to the common sense conclusion that Morneau would sign almost any deal at this point, minor league or not. If the Yankees can sign Morneau to a minor league deal with a June or July opt-out the former Minnesota Twins product could at least be down on the farm and in spring camp showcasing his talents for his next potential gig.

Morneau would make a lot of sense for the Yankees. Almost any and all left-handed power swings are made for Yankee Stadium but Morneau can hit for average too. Morneau won a batting title as recently as the 2014 season and while Yankee Stadium is far from Coors Field in Colorado the ballpark in the Bronx can be good to hitters at times, especially the left-handed variety. Even last year Morneau hit, albeit in very limited playing time, .310 giving the Yankees a legitimate average hitter to throw in the lower half of the lineup just in case Teixeira were to get injured.

Morneau is likely going to sign a minor league deal at this point if he plans on playing in 2016 so why cant that minor league deal come from the New York Yankees? 


  1. DANNY O'BURCH....Nice thoughts on Morneau, but he can not resume swinging
    until sometime in June, after the off-season elbow surgery he had.

    If you had your way Morneau would have been the 200th player the
    Yankees picked up this off season.

    Trade Gardner, and Ellsbury. My Mexican made candles are incapable
    of pulling that off.

    1. Nothing wrong with throwing ideas out there bud.

      Happy Saint patrick's Day

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    3. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, to you Patrick...
      A bit late I know but it's the thought that counts. Some of the old guys that I worked with got to gather at a casino (not in this state) and we must have been too much for some of the people there. We were asked to leave, but as usual everything settled down. My good god the lies that were told would put the Paul Bunyan stories to shame that's for sure. But then again nobody would believe the truth anyhow. There was quite a crowd hanging on every word for about 2hrs. And no, I had nothing to say and sat there just watching old guys tell tall tails. There is nothing worse than guys like us getting old, makes me sad to think of the way we were and what we are today but, one thing I do know...They have all "Been There and Done That"!

    4. Thank you, Kenneth.....Nice post as usual.
      Want me to send you my old TV ? So you can watch it as you work on that floor ?

    5. No on the TV Patrick, but thanks for the offer. As to the floor, I have it all scraped, now I have to sand it and then comes the stain. Her little dogs have been using the floor as a place to ----- on. Now they have learned not to do it but, too late for the floor.
      Have a good one Patrick, I hope Anne Marie lets you use the kitchen! Somehow I can't see her letting go of her Kingdom.


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