Sunday, March 20, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Evan Rutckyj

Evan Rutckyj has been returned to the New York Yankees after being taken in the Rule 5 Draft by the Atlanta Braves this winter. The Canadian-born left-hander was a bit of a surprise pick in the Rule 5 Draft this winter and frankly I'm not surprised he was returned, his command issues were the reason his development has been delayed in New York and it's the reason he is back in New York, so let's meet him. This is Meet a Prospect: The Evan Rutckyj Edition.

Evan Rutckyj was born on January 31, 1992 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and came over to the United States and the Major Leagues after the New York Yankees drafted him with their 16th round pick in the 2010 MLB First Year Players Draft. Rutckyj spent his amateur baseball career at St. Joseph's Catholic High School before making the trek across the border and into the Yankees organization.

Rutckyj was a part of the Pan American Games representing the Team Canada team that won the gold medal in 2015.

For the majority of his Yankees tenure he showcased flashy "stuff" as a starting pitcher before being moved to the bullpen full-time due to concerns with his control. Rutckyj took strides in 2015 across the board and caught the eye of the Atlanta Braves who took him in the Rule 5 Draft. Rutckyj continued to struggle with his command and walks in spring training and was returned back to the Yankees this week so he can continue what is going to be an awkward situation for him.

Rutckyj told the local Atlanta media that he did not like the Yankees organization because he felt like the trainers and coaches were unapproachable. Rutckyj praised the Braves organization for making him feel welcomed while the Yankees organization seemingly gave the lefty the cold shoulder. This is the first time I've heard anything like this so hopefully these two sides can make up and get Rutckyj on the right track going forward.

Welcome back Evan, welcome back to the family.

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