Saturday, March 26, 2016 Ranks Yankees Farm 17th Overall

I am a few days behind on this and I apologize, sometimes I miss things and sometimes there just simply isn’t enough time in the day. With that said I wanted to inform you, in case you missed it like I did, that released their rankings for the respective farm systems around the league for all 30 MLB teams and the New York Yankees system came in ranked 17th overall.

If the Yankees would have been ranked 7th overall, 17th or 27th overall I would have put the same amount of stock into the rankings, little to none. Organizational farm system rankings are difficult, subjective and as close to guesswork as they come for even a respectable site like While we have come a long way the amount of information on prospects, especially in the lower levels of the system, is limited and sometimes rare. These experts rely on scouting reports, opinions and scouting reports and rarely, if ever, see most of these players in person. It’s also subjective because these rankings look at the top-tier prospects first and foremost and ignore the “solid” prospects for the most part.

In my opinion, there goes that whole opinion thing again, the Yankees have a better farm system than 17th overall. Why do I say this? They showed last season that many of their young players could hold their own in the Major Leagues, the ultimate goal, where few of their prospects looked to be bothered by the limelight. While I understand Greg Bird and Luis Severino are no longer considered prospects I find that a system with Aaron Judge, Jorge Mateo, James Kaprielian, Gary Sanchez, Luis Torrens, Ian Clarkin, Robert Refsnyder and a slew of others is much better than 17th. They have an insane amount of middle infield and specifically shortstop depth that I could name all day long and their pitching, maybe headed up by Domingo Acevedo, is beginning to make itself known in the system as well. The Yankees might not have a blue chip, can’t miss prospect like Byron Buxton but that doesn’t mean the system won’t be solid and it doesn’t mean the players won’t be good.

This isn’t a Top 10 system by any means but it shouldn’t be in the second half of the rankings either. Just my two cents, right or wrong. 

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