Sunday, March 27, 2016

MLB International Opens Its Doors to Mexico City

MLB International is a term that I came up with right around the time new Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred took over for former Commissioner Bud Selig. One of Manfred’s first promises and plans for the game was to expand the sport and the brand not only in the continental United States but all over the world, hence MLB International. That thought process took another step forward this week when the league announced it would be opening up an office across the border and in Mexico City, Mexico.
Major League Baseball already has branches of their operation in Beijing China, London France, Sydney Australia, Tokyo Japan and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and will watch as Mexico City, the capital of our neighbors from the south, join the league’s reach.

This announcement came ahead of a two weekend exhibition series in Mexico City between the Houston Astros and San Diego Padres. Rodrigo Fernandez will be the managing director for the new office after working in the WWE’s Latin American operations and Fox International, Sony Pictures and the Walt Disney Company.

With the deal MLB also announced an extension through the 2018 season with Televisa which broadcasts regular season games, the All-Star Game and the playoffs. 

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