Friday, April 22, 2016

Curt Schilling Fired by ESPN

I’m not saying I want to see anyone lose their jobs but it’s hard to feel sorry for people when they do it to themselves, you know? And leaving any fandom or loyalties at the door Curt Schilling did it to himself. I don’t dislike Schilling personally, I don’t know the guy, and while I didn’t like him as a player, he killed us as an Arizona Diamondbacks player in that 2001 World Series and again as a Red Sox player during his tenure there, I have no real beef with him since his playing career ended. I think he runs off at the mouth sometimes and I think his skills as a broadcast announcer need some work and fine tuning but that’s not for me to decide. It seems as though I’m not alone though as ESPN decided to relieve Schilling of his duties this week firing the former pitcher.

Schilling has had more than his fair share of hiccups and instances that could have and maybe even should have got him fired during his tenure with the Worldwide Leader in Sports. At the end of the 2015 season Schilling was quoted on Twitter comparing “Muslim extremists” to the Nazi regime in Germany during World War II. Also earlier this season Schilling was quoted as saying that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should be “buried under a jail somewhere” ruffling a few feathers with her fans and supporters. The final straw may have been though when Schilling went on a Facebook tirade this week against access to public facilities and bathrooms for transgender people.

Schilling went too far whether you agree with the whole thing or not. Schilling posted a pretty crazy photo that I won’t share here, it’s not too hard to find with the world of Google, and went after people who were angry with him. Schilling justified his actions and his feelings in his own mind and he’s more than able and welcome to express those behind the first amendment of this country but what a lot of people forget is that for every reaction and use of that amendment there can and usually will be some sort of punishment and lash back.

That punishment is that Schilling is no longer employed by ESPN and honestly, he shouldn’t be. The network doesn’t need people like him giving them a bad image or a bad name and they don’t need him pushing away potential viewership in a business that is reliant on it. Schilling I hold no ill will towards you but you dug your own hole, you covered yourself up and you’re probably still talking as you buried yourself. I wish you well and hope you find work and happiness elsewhere but I can’t lie and say I’m not happy that it won’t be with ESPN anymore.

Schilling, get out of your own way pal. 


  1. It's not like that company needs any more help with losing baseball viewers. For being the "worldwide leader in sports", they sure do not pay much attention to baseball, even when it is in season. Jake Arieta through his second no-hitter in nine games last night, and it was third in line of importance behind first round of NBA playoffs and Josh Norman being released by the Carolina panthers. UN-BELIEVABLE

    1. What this dude said. I think the MLB Network hurt more than they want to admit or realize. That explains it. The NBA Playoffs, sure. The playoffs are always more important than a regular season game. Josh Norman though?

  2. CURT SCHILLING'S...dismissal in a nut shell. Forget baseball.

    Does anyone remember how we were raised ? Is sanity no longer applied ?

    Curt Schillings beef is......Why would you allow a man, who on any given day, thinks he has the right to walk into a ladies bathroom....were your
    wife, daughter, mother, or girl friend may be using, simply because
    he feels he is a women.

    He is not a women, but he may be inclined to feel that way, that day.
    While I'm in the girls room...I'll check out your mom on the toilet.
    Because I can. Insane.

    This is now a debatable subject ? Schilling is right. And ESPN are shills.

    Call a cop, and have him drag that freak out of a women's bathroom.

    1. I don't think many disagree with what he said but you and I both know that when you're in the position he is in you have some of your first amendment rights cut.

      As a news anchor your job is to report the news, not actively make the news.

    2. You are right Daniel, but try telling that to the State Attorney Generals that want to arrest people that speak up against Weather Change or whatever it is this year. Or the news people at CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS they play the game of "Got'Ya" all the time with anyone disagreeing with their agenda!

    3. Hey I'm 100% against grown men going into a women's bathroom that could potentially have children in it. Not because I have anything against them and their lifestyles but because there will be more perverts exploiting this than true transgender people trying to feel comfortable.

      There are family bathrooms, use them.


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