Sunday, April 17, 2016

MLB Unveils 300+ New Jersey/Hat Designs for 2016

Major League Baseball, at least from the fans perspective, can be anything from a traditional game where nothing should ever change or be different to a progressive game that should and can be changed at will as long as it's being changed for the better. This debate started with the inception of instant replay around the league and it continues with the emergence of sabermetrics. One thing I think most people can agree upon though is the fact that it's pretty awesome to see new jerseys and hats around the league on special occassions. Major League Baseball has released 300+ new designs for said special events and they can be seen on Sports seen HERE. 

Here are the Yankees related jerseys and hats:

Mothers Day - May 8th

Memorial Day - May 30th

Fathers Day - June 19th

Independence Day - July 4th

MLB All-Star Game & Home Run Derby in San Diego


  1. Wait wait wait! I have another idea to make more money!

    And the NBA will be selling ad space on their game jerseys starting in 2017-2018 (or they were voting on it, can't recall). Probably 200 billion usd in sports across the globe.

    And then we have poor dellin betances putting his foot down to accept the league minimum 500k, living amongst us commoners


  2. I can't lie I kind of like the new jerseys and hats. I'm a traditional navy blue and white kind of guy when I buy my hats but I may put that Father's Day cap on my list this year. It's sweet.

    And I like the yellow all star game hats too.... And I know I'm probably in the minority's.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)