Sunday, May 1, 2016

MLBPA Pushing For 7-Day DL in New CBA

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have already begun preliminary discussions surrounding the renewal of a new collective bargaining agreement to avoid a work stoppage and keep the players on the field for another four seasons. While we haven't heard much out of either camp as far as specifics, you know that both sides will want what the other side doesn't and they will ultimately meet in the middle, but we heard of one thing that the MLPA is going to push for this winter, a 7-Day disabled list.

Currently MLB had a 15-Day DL, a 60-Day DL which removes you from the 40 man roster and a 7-Day concussion disabled list if said player can get approval from MLB's medical director before activation. This is not the first time the Players Union has pushed for a 7-Day DL but there are concerns that teams would exploit the system, specifically with starting pitchers who would not make a start in the next seven days with off days and the use of a sixth starter. While the deal would come with much negotiation it is unclear whether the league is willing to budge on this.

This would have come in handy for the Yankees in recent weeks as they played with a 23 man roster and a two man bench while Alex Rodriguez and Aaron Hicks battled little nagging injuries. You have to think the Yankees would have added one or both of them to a 7-Day DL if they had the chance while a 15-Day DL may have been a bit overkill for both injuries.

There is a 7-Day DL in the minor leagues so it is not out of the realm of possibilities that it would come to the Major Leagues. We have all year to speculate and watch out for this and topics like it so stay tuned to The Greedy Pinstripes because we'll have it here when and if they do.

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