Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Review of "Fanchest"

In a world where anything can be ordered or found online it's getting harder and harder to be original. We saw some originality with the OneUPBox and the HorrorBox and all the equivalents but as far as I knew there wasn't a "box" for the sports fan. Until now. Fanchest is like those other "boxes" but they cater to the New York Yankees, New York Rangers or New York Mets fans. For us by us kind of thing.

Now if you click the Yankees section on you can find that they have different tiers of boxes that naturally change every single month. The fanchest that I purchased was the "MVP" tier which will cost you $79.99.

What I received was a pair of Majestic Yankees T-shirts and not the cheap ones either, these are the authentic shirts that the Yankees are wearing on the field and in the dugouts. I also received a pair of Yankee Stadium seating chart themed coasters for my living room and one of those silicone bands to wear on my wrist. The box also contained a Yankees jersey bottle coozie, a one-size fits all Yankees hat and one of the awesome Yankees wigs pictured above.

You can get smaller tiered boxes ranging in price from $49 and $59 and you can also get Mark Teixeira and Paul O'Neill themed boxes that contain signed baseballs with authenticity paperwork for $199.99 and $174.99 respectively.

So head over to, pick your team, pick your box and blow your loved ones away for Fathers Day, Christmas or just because. I highly recommend this box and I already have my eye on another for next month. We hope this review helps!

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  1. Why do they not have all the teams? Every category doesn't have my team in it. Do you know if they will be adding more teams? And also is there any other site like this?


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