Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Eric Ruth

One can never have too much starting pitching whether it be in the Major Leagues or down on the farm and the Yankees have been utilizing that philosophy for the past few years in the MLB Draft. One of those guys that the Yankees have drafted without much fan fair or recognition only to turn him into a solid MiLB producer and potential MLB player is Eric Ruth. At one point maybe two seasons ago Ruth was considered by man to be an organizational filler and an organizational prospect but not parts of two seasons later Ruth has put his name back on the map for the Yankees.

Ruth continues to impress and has reached the highest tier of MiLB, Triple-A. Ruth is one phone call away from the Bronx and if anyone doubts that, ask Conor Mullee. Ruth may see the Major Leagues this season and that is exciting, especially if you love baseball feel-good stories.


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