Sunday, May 29, 2016

Live Game Updates: Yankees at Rays - 5/29

1:46 p.m., End 2nd: A great defensive play by Ronald Torreyes keeps it tied after two. Yankees still looking for their first baserunner. 

2:07 p.m., Mid 4th: That's 12 up, 12 down so far for the Yankees. It's 1-0 Rays.

2:36 p.m., End 5th: That could've been bad. Evan Longoria just misses a three-run home run -- flying out to the warning track in right -- as the Rays fail to add on. It's still 1-0.

2:47 p.m., Mid 6th: Yankees finally break-up the perfecto on a controversial error. Looked like an infield single, but officialy, the no-hitter is still going. 

3:18 p.m., Mid 7th: Starlin Castro drills a two-run shot to left-center, and just like that, we have a brand new ballgame: Yankees still have just one hit, but at least they lead 2-1.

3:28 p.m., End 7th: Dellin Betances strikes out two in a 1-2-3 seventh. Yankees now six outs away from a series win. 

3:59 p.m., End 9th: That's your ballgame. Aroldis Chapman fans two in the ninth and the Yankees, despite getting just one hit, beat the Rays 2-1.

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