Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Robert Refsnyder

The New York Yankees made a roster move for the weekend, presumably, to call up Ben Gamel to the Major Leagues after winning the Minor League Baseball Player of the Year Award in 2015 while Robert Refsnyder stays behind in Triple-A seemingly learning yet another new position. Well it’s technically a position he already knows and a position he played in college, right field, but him moving to the outfield this week as a precursor to Gamel being called up now makes a whole lot of sense looking back in hindsight.

This post is a check in with Refsnyder though, more on Gamel later, and Refsnyder is seemingly doing anything and everything he can to help his cause and help him ride the Scranton Shuttle to the Bronx. Refsnyder knows second base, has been working at third base and is now taking reps back in the outfield for the first time since being an Arizona Wildcat. Refsnyder just wants to play and he just wants to win and to me that is more important in some cases then talent, stats or anything that can be quantified like that.

Refsnyder once again finds himself biding his time and working out at a new position all for the love of the game and the will to play inside the greatest stadium in Major League Baseball history in my opinion. We need more “Yankees” around and less hired mercenaries if you ask me, but that’s just if you ask me.


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