Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blake Rutherford Is A Yankee!

Some people didn't think it would happen, as they thought the Yankees had taken too big a risk, but it's true.

Blake Rutherford, the Yankees' first round pick in this past draft, has signed for $3.282 million. He was taken at #18, which is slotted for just $2.4416 million, but the Yankees were able to save a lot of money elsewhere in the draft in order to sign Rutherford.

Blake was the #10 prospect according to Baseball America, but was passed up on by many teams possibly due to concern that he was going to follow through on his commitment to play baseball at UCLA.

I'm very happy that the team was able to sign Rutherford, who could turn out to be a very nice piece of the puzzle in New York.


  1. Rutherford is a high school player but with many good points in his game. Hopefully he lives up to his billing and becomes one of the future core of top notch players we COULD have coming along the pipe line.
    Do we have stars in our system? Until they work their way to the team as starters we can only watch them and hope they are.
    We have had a few players come to the team with no big expectations and what happened...they became major league stars. Maybe many have forgotten about a few of them, like;
    Mattingly, Munson, Bernie Williams, Pettitte, Cano, Mo, D. Betances and one can even include Jeter in the list of guys that were considered acceptable players and had to work their way onto the team. They did that and more but nobody had them ranked as stars at that time.

    What we need is a few guys (my Dark horse is L. Molina) like; Mateo, Judge, Acevedo, Coshow, Kaprielian, Clarkin, Lindgren, Torrens, Wilkerman Garcia, C. Adams. To name a few.

    1. Rutherford has a ton of talent. He excites me very much with his game. Even if he has to move to right field or left field. He has enough power and enough of a bat to make it work. Add in his speed, defense, stolen bases etc. and he could be special. Another Bernie Williams maybe?

    2. Daniel, the thing about him is, they think he will outgrow CF!
      So many things can and do happen to the Farm hands that it is a wonder any of them make it to the Big Time.
      Rutherford is what, the 10th rated player in the draft? That sounds good to me.


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