Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekly Check In: Jorge Mateo

The Yankees top prospect may be on the move very soon as the team and organization have already begun promoting some of their top prospects. Domingo Acevedo is up and Mateo may be next as the second baseman/shortstop enjoys another great and another breakout season down on the farm. Mateo isn’t quite stealing bases at the incredible clip he was in 2015 but he has added contact, power and patience to his repertoire.

The more Mateo matures as a human being it seems like the more he is maturing as a baseball player as well which can only mean good things for his and the Yankees future.



  1. About time they moved him up. Now is the time for him to up his game some more and not think it gets any essayer!

    1. The A FSL allstar game is Saturday, so it shouldn't be much longer. But I'd like him to get his average up a little

    2. He's going to Trenton. It's just whether it's this week, next week or the first week in July.


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