Friday, June 17, 2016

Losses Are the Best Thing That Could Happen to New York?

The New York Yankees came out of the gates this week with a pretty soft lull in their schedule which frankly scared a lot of the more level-headed fans. Why? Well if the team beat up on teams like the Colorado Rockies and the Minnesota Twins and get back above the .500 mark and back into the AL East and Wild Card chases and standings the team would be more likely to buy or at least hold onto their talent rather than trading off their aging and veteran talent to kick start the rebuilding process. A sweep later in Colorado and a rocky start, no pun intended, in Minnesota is leaving me thinking whether losing would possibly be the best thing for the Yankees this week and next.

Let me start this and let me be clear, I am not rooting for the Yankees to lose nor do I wish the Yankees would lose. What I am suggesting though is that losing is what it may take for the Yankees and their upper management to get out of their own way and do what we all see needs to be done. Rebuild. Rebuilding is not done by signing Carlos Beltran to a three-year deal as he enters his age 37 season and it’s not done by trading established backup catchers like John Ryan Murphy for established 4th outfielders like Aaron Hicks. It’s done through the farm system, through international signings and through trades. Rebuilding on the fly, as we have seen the past three-or-four years, does not work. Simple as that.

If the Yankees lose they will pounce on weak markets in pitching and hitting and can make a few nice trades to really set the team up for the future. When I say the future I don’t mean four or five seasons from now, I mean 2018 and beyond. Losing means Aroldis Chapman is traded. Carlos Beltran is traded. Andrew Miller is traded. Maybe even Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia are traded. Losing means rebuilding and this team needs to rebuild in the absolute worst way. 


  1. Let me be frank and brutely honest. I am rooting for the Yankees to get throttled every game and dropout of the race as fast as possible. This makes me no less of a Yankee fan than any of you. It makes me a fan that uses his head not his heart as most of you do. I think logically and are driven by numbers. I don't like a player because he has done something in the past. I am an in the now guy, what have you done for me today and what will you do for me tomorrow. I have seen posts from some of you saying you're not a yankee fan if you don't root for them. Incorrect I root against them because I fear the clowns running the show in no particular order for my man Reed Hal, the elf, Levine and Trost and Oppenheimer and the rest of the crap scouts decide not to make moves because they think we are one player away. If you gave us Cabrerra and Trout I'm not sure it would do anything. This game is based on simple principles such as good pitching and good hitting are needed. We don't have either most nights.

    Every single one of us said they need to cut CC me included and if you look at things this guy has been the best starter we have. Eovaldi pulls a tease and shows flashes of brillance and then puts back to back stinkers together. His fastball maybe 98-100 but its straight and unless he gets his secondary pitches over he is very hittable. He still hasn't mastered how to pitch past the 5th inning. He is better than I thought but I still think he is a 4/5.

    I think if you guys thought more with your brains you would understand it is better to shit the bed now and lets move players where we can get prospects. Even if we make the play in game we aren't winning a playoff series with this shit roster. Trade Chapman, Beltran, McCann and Gardner and DFA Nova and lets get the farm system loaded with other peoples talent because we sure as hell can't draft any talent.

    Romine and Sanchez can handle the catching duties and what is McCann doing with the bat. Probably batting his body weight. And if anyone of you think this roster is better with the additions against the subtractions form the last two years of trades you're are delusional. Didi has done better than I ever expected but still one of the dumbest players I have seen play the game and don't give me he's still young because we all sit there and watch some of his bone head plays and we go what the hell is he doing? So if you are going to defend Didi then I would say to you what the hell are you thinking about?

    Trade what you can and if the elf gives Chapman away for the alleged package to the Cub's he should be executed on the spot if not sooner. Maybe all you elf supporters will then see what I know already. Let's be done with the deadwood and bring of some of this alleged stars in the making per Reed and this great farms system we supposedly have

  2. A-Rod retire, Bird at 1st, Mateo @ 2nd, Castro @ 3rd, Didi @ SS, McCann @ C (with one of) Romine/Sanchez, Trade Brett, Ells, Beltran, Chapman and maybe McCann.
    Replace Castro with Machado (2018), McCann with Romine/Sanchez, there are a few outfielders out there for the picking. Bring up "Ace" Domingo (2017)!
    There will be money for trades or buying in 2018 plus a few of our guys will be ready to see what they can do.

    1. You say add Machado, with what money? This guy isn't spending money. The only person that can force Hal into spending money is Ruppert Murdoch because Hal who doesn't care about money sold 80% of the yes network to Murdoch and from what I read TV viewership is way down so Good Old Ruppert might tie Hal's ass in a sling and force him to spend. That's the only way because he sure as hell doesn't care about winning and if you believe what he says then I have some swamp land for you Reed. All your speculative moves are just that and aren't going to transpire. To do have the power ball numbers for the next drawing?

    2. Hal has a plain to get under the Cap! Once that is done, he will have the money to do what ever they need for players. Here is hoping he only gets what they need, not what they or others think they want.

    3. So you know that Hal has a plan? How do you know this? Are you now employed by Mr. Trost? Hal has one plan that is a given, which is to make his family as much money as possible. That is his plan. George had the same plan, however George knew to make money you needed to spend money. Hal's economic theories are quite different. You guys all believe since all these contracts are coming off the books he will spend the money. Its pretty bad when the Met's out spend you in the off season so please Reed don't say Hal will spend money because as a lawyer would say that is speculation.

    4. I agree with a lot of what has been said here but I have a few things I would like to add.

      McCann hasn't hit well this season but what he adds behind the plate with game calling, framing, controlling the running game etc. is underrated. It's especially underrated if you're trading everyone away and handing the reigns to a young staff.

      It's all speculation on what the plan is and whether Hal will spend or not. Hans says he wont, Reed and I say he will. History would say that (with all the money coming off the books) that Hal will. He may not spend $200 million but I don't think $170-$180 is out of the question. He's making money hand over fist with the payroll over $200 million and would still with a lower payroll as long as it's done right. People like Machado, Harper, etc. bring people to the yard. Attendance is down, YES ratings are down (they are still minority owners I believe) and they all know what it takes to bring those fans back.

    5. Murdoch is the key to Hal spending money. It has nothing to do with money coming off the books. He knew money was coming off this year and didn't add anything. Murdoch gets on his ass and he might spend. The day of the open check book are gone. I would rather see an owner like Cuban who wants to win. Hal says it but doesn't show it. Remember growing up your parents or teachers said... actions speak louder than words. The proof sin the pudding


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