Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Fair-Weather Pinstripes

Yes, the fair-weather pinstripes. Someone actually had the audacity to tell me I should change the blog name from the Greedy Pinstripes to the Fair-Weather Pinstripes because I want to sell at this season’s trading deadline. Am I crazy or have I been watching a different team than everyone else this season? Am I foolish to not want to give up top prospects and key pieces for the future to add to a team that currently employs an aging CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and others or am I in the majority that wants to start thinking about beyond this season and the repercussions that come along with it? I’m really confused now.

I had to literally step away from the conversation. The conversation went south so quickly it wasn’t even funny. I was called a moron and had my fandom and passion for this team I love and give my soul and time to each and every day not only on this blog but in my real life as well questioned because I didn’t want to see the team make a feeble push at the second Wild Card and a potential, yet unlikely, push deep into the postseason?

What really got to me is the blatant disrespect towards me and the disregarding of my opinion because my opinion did not agree with his. First of all I’m not an insider nor am I an expert, and I never claimed to be for the record, but what I am is a guy with a blog and an opinion and that’s what I put out there. Read it or not but don’t disrespect me. I don’t go out of my way to disrespect ANYONE both on this blog and in my life and I don’t appreciate not getting the same in return. I’m sorry but I had to get this off my chest because I don’t tend to let this linger.

Agree or disagree with my thoughts? Leave them below in the comment section or better yet tweet them to me @GreedyStripes. I look forward to hearing from multiple fans and not just one who thinks I’m an “ass wipe” because I disagree with him.


  1. Daniel, don't pay any attention to morons like this. I'm in agreement with you. Could this team continue to play like they are now? Sure, I've seen it happen to other teams in the past. It's not like I'm rooting against them. I just think that the team shouldn't trust this current win streak. I don't think anybody is advocating for a fire sale. We have pieces other teams want. I would rather move them now, then lose them at the end of the season for nothing. If this team is going to make it to the wild card game, they're going to do it with or without guys like Chapman and Beltran.

    1. This guy was a complete tool bag. I continually asked him for a realistic option the Yankees should buy in this market and he could only say that I was either

      A) an idiot
      B) an ass whipe
      C) fair weather fan
      D) acquire Chris Archer. When I said that wasn't realistic he went back to A.

    2. That's why you can't pay attention to people like that. It's pretty hard to have a conversation with somebody that's unable to see reason. Believe me, I've tried! (See Hans vs. Gardner) Anybody that knows anything about baseball knows what you were trying to say.

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  2. Daniel, I was about to jump down your throat for this line of yours; "Am I foolish to not want to give up top prospects and key pieces for the future to add to a team"....sorry about that, I miss read it the first time. Then I saw the word NOT between "to" and "want".
    I agree with you and think that is bad try being 5' 9" and 172# having to prove yourself every day, just think of it as a challenge of life, you know who and what you are and so do your friends and most readers. Just be who you are, that always works!

    1. That's all that I am. Me. Imperfect, passionate. Me.


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