Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Korean Baseball Organization Holds a “Bunt Derby”

Okay so without ranting and raving too much about the All-Star Game, the fact that it “counts” now and dictates which team will have home-field advantage in the World Series and the subsequent popularity fan vote that comes attached to that I think the Korean Baseball Organization could have something that could help spice up All-Star Game week in Major League Baseball. A bunt derby.

Yes you read that correctly, a bunt derby. The NBA has a skills competition and such before the three point shootout and the dunk contest, why not a bunt derby in MLB? Watching Giancarlo Stanton hit 61 home runs out of Petco Park was awesome but watching someone try to lay down a bunt on a scoring field that is designed like a dartboard sounds enticing as well. It would take a bit of skill and precision, not that hitting home runs doesn’t, and I think this is an idea MLB should look into. I think the fans would love it personally.

Even if just for a year or two to try it out. I’ve always wanted a skills competition added to MLB All-Star week. See who could run the bases the quickest. See who could call their shots and try to hit targets in the outfield or over the fence for points. See who could throw the ball from the outfield into a barrel at home plate, fun stuff like that. A bunt derby though, I never thought of that one. Good call KBO, good call.

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