Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Jorge Mateo

Jorge Mateo returned from his two week suspension on Wednesday as he continues to search for what else he could possibly do to earn a promotion to Double-A Trenton. Mateo was suspended just before the All-Star break and the XM Futures Game for a violation of team policy which we all presumed and assumed meant that he spouted off at the mouth because he was frustrated that he wasn’t called up yet. At least that would coincide with the report from George A. King that stated Mateo was frustrated that he hadn’t received the promotion yet.

So Mateo is back and here are his stats he hopes to see transferred to the Trenton Thunder very soon: 



  1. There isn't a player in the minor leagues who thinks they're undeserving of a promotion. He was outplayed by his nearest competitor in Tyler Wade who is quietly awaiting his promotion to AAA making room for Mateo. I think the suspension will ruin Mateo's 2016 and his prospect standings in the off-season but should help him long-term like it did with Gary Sanchez.

    1. I think his sharp decline the past 2 months is the biggest problem. but it's fine.

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    3. Agree with you Daniel. I said many times that Sanchez received a similar suspension and now draws rave reviews for his maturity and such. No reason Mateo can't do the same.

      I'm not sure he was outplayed by Wade but honestly I don't know the entire timeline. I think about the time his stats started going down was about the time frustration and prospect fatigue began to set in but I have nothing to back that up, purely speculation.

      Some can overcome that from within, some can't. Some are more mature at this point in their lives than others. It happens and we're all human beings.

      Anyway, I'm rambling. Welcome to the site!


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