Friday, August 5, 2016

Make Good on Discussions, Eat A-Rod’s & Teixeira’s Contracts

Maybe the New York Yankees organization was just saying what they thought the Yankees fans wanted to hear or maybe they thought this day would never come. Maybe the organization thought they could use plausible deniability to deny every having made the remarks and maybe they thought the fans would simply roll their eyes and roll over like they always do. I’m not one to do that though and I am the one here to remind you of one thing that the New York Yankees organization said they would “consider” this season if they decided to sell, which they did. The reports stated that the Yankees would consider eating the contracts of both Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira if the team sold at the trading deadline so now it’s time to put up, shut up and get to eating.

The Yankees have a pressing issue and the issue needs to be rectified as soon as humanly possible. The team just has too many warm bodies, and good players at that, and not enough positions to play them all down in Scranton. The RailRiders outfield is absolutely jam packed even with the promotion of Ben Gamel leaving Clint Frazier, Tyler Austin (who has taken over at first base), Aaron Judge (who should return from injury this week) and others vying for just a handful of spots. How do you fix this and the sudden 40 man roster crunch? By alleviating the team of the problem by eating the salary and terminating the contract of both Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.

Austin could be immediately called up to take over the first base duties while a Mason Williams or another outfield candidate, no not Judge… not yet unfortunately, could be called up to begin an outfield and designated hitter rotation. Eating the money hurts, especially for Rodriguez who is under contract for next season as well, but it’s an unnecessary evil that the team brought up if they decided to sell, not me and not the fans. The Yankees also have to keep in mind that even with reduced playing time it is likely that Rodriguez will reach 700 home runs and quite possibly 714 home runs as well which could cost the team another $6 million in bonus money.

 The contracts, like the players unfortunately, are dead weight and New York simply isn’t going to get much or any value out of them whatsoever at this point. Teixeira’s knee is a ticking time bomb that has limited his range and mobility in the field (not to mention what it has done to his bat) while Alex’s bomb exploded late last season, we just didn’t know it yet.


  1. Just read that Teix is retiring at the end of the season. No way the Yankees are going to DFA him now. Hopefully Arod will follow suit. Maybe the Yankees can phantom DL them until the rosters expand in September. Then bring them back and let them watch from the bench.

    1. Good thinking Jeff, sounds good to me.

    2. I agree and thought the same thing Jeff. They aren't going to look like the bad guy by letting him go and eating his contract now. Which sucks, and Teixeira probably knew it too.

      No rule against him changing his mind a la Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte either.

  2. I know A-Rod wants to hit 700+ HRs and I'd be happy to see him do it but, He and "Hammering" Hank Aaron are already on top of the batting stats. No one is even close to their numbers.
    Bottom line; Eat his contract!

  3. Castro is still using a big glove at 2nd base it looks like. It sometimes makes one miss a good grip and feel of the ball so one can get it out and throw quickly. I see him fumble the ball too many times.
    If I were the 1st baseman and he took his time getting me the ball as quick as possible, I think we would have words!


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